getting ready...
How many hobbies do you have?
A nonprofit hires you to develop a public campaign about their work. You:
You feel passionately about the environment, so you’re most likely to:
You didn’t complete your portion of a team project on time. To address this situation, you:
You think childhood literacy is important, so you:
You work at an organization that is vaccinating children against measles. Your talents are best applied to:
It’s the weekend, do you:
You’re looking for scientists to help create solutions for clean-water systems. Which approach feels the most appealing to you?
You’ve been given a check for your birthday. You:
You are working to distribute medicine to remote communities. The community’s needs change suddenly because of political instability. You:
How do you prefer to act?
Which causes do you support most?
Who influences your giving decisions most? (Choose at least one and as many as you like.)